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My love of history during my high school years brought my curiosity to art history. Every book I read, gave birth to new questions in my mind and these questions had been the precursor of my journey in the painting. History; has shown differences from past to present, periods, geographical positions and interactions. Every nation has tried to create its own culture or rather its own trace. “Art” has always looked for itself.
In the first years of my university years; the sketches that I had collected, the notes I had read and received had to come to life now. First of all, I interpreted the concept of movement as mechanical components due to its influence on dynamism, along with the optimistic expectation of futurism. However, I looked for answers to questions it poses in mind. The thread was “Car Engine”!
I revived the engine parts of the car in my mind using the support of imagination. In fact, the aim was simple “Movement”. The pipes and engine of the car reflected the veins and the heart in the human body, respectively… What I have seen at first sight was the similarities between mechanical and biological concepts. I started to abstract these similarities using color and stain.
The subject of the master’s degree should have been the continuation of the car in my mind as it was not completed yet! In my previous work, the impact of external form and function was important, but now the historical process of the car was added. The subject was “Classical Cars” … American car was the first thing that came to mind. What has affected history? Which color and form were important in shaping the American car? I called to answer these questions. I tried to emphasize the plastic values ​​of the classic cars that marked a period and still embellished the dreams of many people, and its importance in American history. I did abstract works on this topic.
The West has a great influence on art and even on the art movements, many of which witnessed the birth! In art history courses; I have studied the Turkish art lessons that reflect both Western art and our own culture. First of all, when I saw the reflections of western art in my works, I thought that our art of Turkish painting, which now belongs to us, should be introduced to the wider masses and should not be forgotten. Then I started this journey by emphasizing the important values in the spectrum of Turkish art in my works.
In my paintings, I worked on the abstractions of traditional painting (Tile motifs, Anatolian civilizations, and history). I formed a new dimension by combining imagination and symbols.The diversity of Turkish painting art and its unique narrative shaped my works. The cultural richness, handcrafts and social values ​​of Turkish history determined the distribution of themes in my paintings.
Within the framework of “past-present-future”, I tried to create my own texture with a light, color, form, and stain. I questioned and reinterpreted national and cultural factors on the background and foreground. I tried to remind our self-culture and art vanished in minds and national values ​​in my paintings and I have reinterpreted this with abstract figures.

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Inception by Nalan Tüfekçi Karagül

Balance of contrasts by Nalan Tüfekçi Karagül

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