Painter and mixed media visual artist based in France

Born in France in 1981 self-taught painter from a young age the passion of drawing lives to me and this desire to paint my paintings came in 2005.

I joined the group of artists at the RG-4 agency in June 2017, since I unveil my Little stories through different media, these are sometimes related to anecdotes of the day and sometimes my thoughts on milestones who could touch me. 

Passionate about colors, I love to marry them to each other.
The desire to create and to stand out feeds me. My own style was manifested simply through drawing. Each of my works are different from each other. My creativity comes from stories, instinct and thoughts. I like to dare and it's out of the ordinary!

Not inspired by any painter in particular and remaining faithful to myself, I accept this compliment pleasantly when one compares some of my works with those of COMBAS.

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