Painter based in Germany

Kemal BALKAN, born in Turkey / Ankara in 1957. He has lived in Germany since 1979. Regarding his choice of motifs as well as his very impulsive and emotional technique. He has always dealt very intensively with socio-political aspects. His themes are everyday situations that have a decisive influence on life, sometimes reminding of naive, sometimes neo-expressionist painting in many exhibitions.

Capital of Culture Ruhr 2010 Strong Places Bunker Exhibition, 2012 Selection of Herne artist Flottmann-Hallen, LWL Museum Zeche Hannover- Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Duisburg, Wanne-Eickel, Emschertal-Museum-Herne, Hamburg, Berlin, City of Königswinter, City of Erwitte Horn, Community exhibition Spain, France, Portugal and Turkey, especially in the Ruhr area where he lives, he was able to successfully present his thoughts, experiences, fears and visions that have been translated into images with a lot of recognition.

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