Painter based in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Background and education
1958 Born in Denizli, Turkey

1977 Graduated from Institute of Education, Fine Arts Paintings Education Department, Izmir

1994 Bachelor’s Degree in Art Department of Education Faculty - Eskişehir Anadolu University

1998 MA (Master of Arts) Degree in Pamukkale University - The Institute of Social Sciences Art Subdivision and submitted her thesis on “Copper Mining Cups (Turk-Ottoman) Used as Utensils in Turkish Homes (Denizli) in the 18th-19th Century.”

2006 Ph.D. at 9 Eylül University, Institute of Education in Sciences, Fine Arts Subdivision and submitted her thesis on “The Humanist Approach To Fine Arts Education in Education Faculties of Reconstruction (in Fine Arts Departments)”                

2010-2014 Arts educator in Volks Universiteit, Rotterdam

2010 Associate Prof.Dr.- IUE, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2015 Prof.Dr.- IUE, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2015 The founding chairman of the Faculty of Fine Arts - Master of Traditional Eastern Arts -IUE, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2019 Prof.Dr.- European University of Benelux

Art, accolades and exhibitions
Yasemin showcased many individual exhibits of her own and has been a part of many collective exhibitions. Her paintings were placed in various venues which individual and state collections in Turkey and the other countries.
She continues focusing on her artworks in her own studio in The Netherlands since 2006 and she have been the member of "Unesco - AIAP International Association of Art – UPSD”and Netherlands Kunstinzicht and Beroep Organisatie Kunstenaars.

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The new world by Yasemin Sözer, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2021

Existential division by Yasemin Sözer, Mixed media on canvas, 2021

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