Painter and mixed media visual artist based in the Netherlands

The Turkish/Dutch artist Saniye Bıldırcın was born in 1946 in Adana, Turkey. In 1971 she settled in Leerdam with her husband and son. 

The work of Saniye Bıldırcın can best be described as lyrical abstract. She uses acrylic, pastel, mixed media and oil paint for her two-dimensional work. She also designs three-dimensional work that is executed in glass and crystal.

Saniye Bıldırcın works from her sense of freedom, happiness and pride. And that produces powerful images with warm colors. Her landscapes refer to impressions from her childhood. The red earth, the majestic mountains and the enchanting skies have been preserved in her memory. The result is an abstraction, which in its context shows a landscape that radiates a strong and colourful imagination.

The functional work of Saniye Bıldırcın, executed in glass and crystal, shows a strong affinity with her paintings. Colourful as always and reinforced by the material glass with an extra dimension of transparent high gloss. Often intended as a 'stand alone', but sometimes also in combination with a painting. 

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