Painter based in Austria
Born on 02/12/1965 in Ankara, Turkey. 

1983-1987 BA at the Faculty of Traditional Turkish Art in the subjects of ornamental painting and bookbinding at the Academy of Fine Arts of Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul, Turkey. 

1987-1989 MA at the Institute of Social Sciences of the Academy of Fine Arts of Mimar Sinan University in Traditional Turkish  Book  Cover Art. 

Since  1990  lives  in  Vienna and  is  since 1993 at the Austrian
National Library as a book restorer and Expert in oriental art.

Freelance work since 1987 in the fields of  painting, ornamental and  miniature   painting,  book  cover art, book  and  paper  restoration  and interior and exterior decoration. Numerous  solo  and  group  exhibitions and participation  in several projects.

His art describes Karadana
“Discipline in the colors, perfection in detail. For centuries practiced and still preserving techniques. Indescribable pleasure arising from the period between design and completion, from the gradual approach to the goal, from the fantasy of limitation. These rules and sensitivities connect me with the traditional Turkish ornament art through my own style. “

"Abstraction is not a synthesis, but a way out; a way to turn "disciplinary" impatience, pain and lust, freedom and oppression, into the colors of my imagination. 

"My pictures are between birth and death, my points are everything I know, including you."
You are born after the point. You live between the dots and die drawing last point. This is an inevitable cycle. 

Well then; dot dot dot...

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